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MP3 Won't upload

  1. Greetings--

    ISP: (I pay for 3 Mb per second...don't know what I get.)

    I bought the 15 GB upgrade and tried to upload an MP3 of 8.76. MB. But it just hung. I disabled AV, spywareguard, etc, but still no luck.

    Now the "Upload" button won't even work. Anyone know why?

    (Question #2: Will an uploaded MP3 automatically open with a player, or do I need to install one?)



  2. What browser are you using? When the Upload button goes away, it's usually a browser problem. Have you tried the cookie dance (clear cookies and browser cache, reload page)?

  3. ????

    My Paypal receipt tells me I only paid for 5GB of space (for $20)

    Where did that upgrade purchase come from??? It popped up when I clicked upgrade, so I paid it.

    (I really don't need 15GB....)

    NOW I can only find the 15 GB upgrade tpbuy. Is 5 GB enough to uplod an MP3?

    Am I stuck paying the $20 PLUS another $50 for the 15 GB upgrade?


  4. Contact staff.

  5. You were DID upload in Firefox - not in IE.

    But ittakes forever to open, even in FF. Is 9 MB too big? Could I compress it further, say into WMA?

  6. 9MB is big. I would try to get it down to around 3 if possible. Also, make sure your MP3 file names have an extension and also make sure the file names contain only numbers and letters, no special characters except for "dashes." No "_" (underscore) characters either.

  7. ppc1d.mp3

    Numbers and letters.

    Here we go again. Off to find another free trial. (mp3 to wma)


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