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mp3's and the audio player...any experts out there?

  1. I'm continuing to have issues with mp3's playing on my site (; It may be as simple as finding the right hosting site, but I don't know. I find that the audio player NEVER works, at least not in my browser or those of my friends, but I have discovered that, in many cases, just leaving the link bare in the post will produce a player if you run the cursor over it. Not every xxx.mp3 link will do this, so it's still trial and error for me. If the 'bare link' method is the best I'm gonna do, I wish there was a way to 'rename' the link, like when I send an email to someone and say 'click HERE', having put a hyperlink in the word HERE. That doesn't seem to be possible here. Any assistance from another audio-centric blogger would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

  2. First off, if you have a direct link to a mp3 file you could put the following for the audio player:


    and then below it put the following as well:

    <a href="">Click Here For Song!</a>

    Is that what you mean? That would be put using the "code" tab (keep in mind). You can also use the visual editor to put the link in for the bottom piece, but you have to click the icon that is for adding a link to a post.


  3. your first example, you use an = sign, which I haven't been---maybe that's my problem??? also in that first example, I assume that the faux-URL you used is juat that: made up; unless uploading mp3's right to the site is an added-cost option. I've tried having my mp3s 'hosted' at a number of places (Mark in support pointed out that my YouSendIt and ZShare links didn't end in ".mp3") including, (recommended bt devblog), and of which give me a link that ends ".mp3", but none of them work, either in the audio player (again, maybe it's the lack of = sign) or in that 'float the cursor' method. The only links that have worked for me (and ONLY in the 'float the cursor' method) have been links I copied from a website that plays them in THEIR Flash player.

    As for that second example you show, my daughter (13, God bless her) just tried that exact (I think) thing, but thw whole string of characters shows up in the post. I'm gonna make a test post using your suggestions (unless you tell me I've misunderstood).

  4. sorry I can't type, and I don't spellcheck before posting:-(

  5. The second bit of code Trent gave you has to be put in the Write box using the CODE tab. It's beside the Visual editor tab.

  6. well, that was a very interesting experiment. My Test Post is here:

    On the one hand, my mp3 links still don't work either way. In the player, there's endless buffering (I've seen posts about THAT), and in the 'Click Here for Song!' my mp3 link brings you to the MusicWebTown website. I did use the CODE tab, BTW, which I note has no toolbar on top.
    On the other hand, using a 'borrowed' mp3 link, the player plays; which hadn't happened up to now (I'm guessing the = sign is an important item left out of the instructions up to now). Even better, the 'Click Here for Song!' on the 'borrowed' mp3 link brings you right to a "Save as" box, which is awesome. Now, if only I can get MY mp3s into mp3 links that will work like my 'borrowed' ones. Perhaps by looking at my, and my 'borrowed' links, you might be able to tell me what's the difference?

    Oh, and my 'float the cursor' method didn't work for either; perhaps THAT must be done under the VISUAL tab, which is how I had done it before. I'm trying to fix that now, but my OTHER big problem, clicking SAVE and getting a dialog box asking if I'm sure I want to navigate away from this page and lose all changes, is making that difficult.

  7. hey, this tip + timethief's offering me the Firefox browser has solved my mp3 issues, thanks!

  8. hey, I'm about to change this to 'resolved', thanks again all; dare I tack on two additional teensy questions first? First, the easy one: isn't there a way to get directly to my 'favorite' topics? Currently, I'm digging around till I find one, then, when I do and it says 'this is one of your favorites', I click on 'favorites'. There must be an easier way.

    second, again for audio-centric experts: I've compiled an 18 song set - about 85 MB - that I would like to have playable with one 'click', rather than putting up 18 players. Any thoughts?
    Thanks again for the assistance; you guys/gals are great!

  9. AFAIK, not here on, unfortunately.

    If you were hosting your blog yourself, you could use a player which can play as many songs as you want (I have one with a play list of 50+ songs), but since you need an 'embed' code, it won't work here.

  10. There are many options for hosting elsewhere, but I think devblog is right that you can't do it here on


  11. Put them into a podcast on Odeo and you can use [odeo= whatever] to get it to play in your blog. Easy.

  12. @djeddieo
    For multi-song sets, you can use - and I've got an example up at

    It's a little fiddly, but it works, more or less. For more info, there's a 'how-to' post in these forums at:

    Hope that helps.

  13. hey raincoaster (I don't know if you're subscribed or whatever), I went to and couldn't figure out a darn thing about how to use it. Were you saying that I could make, say, a 20 song playlist (like I do in MusicWebTown), make it into an Odeo podcast (somehow), and then I could 'embed' that player?

  14. If you are looking for a good host for your .mp3 files, there are many free ones. Probably the best one in my opinion is Just throwin' that out there.

    You can use this to host your mp3 files to work in conjunction with the flash audio player in You would of course want to use the code that Trent describes:



    is the full url of your mp3 file.

  15. Sorry for double post but is actually the correct link.

  16. I still have occasional long-buffering issues; just on some mp3s. Could someone take alook at my site,, and see if the most recent ones play? I've tried multiple browsers today. Thanks.

  17. "Amy" just buffers. "Valerie" buffers-plays, buffers-plays; and keeps repeating this pattern. I didn't bother trying to get to the end of it. The podcast started up fine and quickly loaded up the whole thing. No problems with that one. The Zutons song the buffer just barely kept ahead but it plays fine. "You know I'm no good" just buffers.

    All of this was tested after the page fully loaded (which took a rather long time). Fedora 7/Firefox 2/DSL/Wired connection.

  18. so, it strikes me that a lot of issues are browser-dependent; not just what browser I was using while setting it up, but what browser the site is viewed in. Right now, I have the site up in IE7 and Firefox, and the newest image (Scrod) is visible in IE7, NOT in Firefox. Arrrrrgh!

  19. I would suggest cutting down on the number of posts on your pages: options > reading as it takes forever for your blog to load in fact, it gets stuck at one point on "transferring data from youtube and both Firefox and Safari finally gave up with an error.

    Safari hung on this image: it never loaded.

    Anytime you rely on hotlinked images or videos, you are going to experience problems from time to time.

  20. As a matter of fact, your blog just killed Safari and I had to restart it.

    W3C reports 47 errors on your front page:

    Are you putting your youtubes on your blog as outlined here or using the embed code from youtube ? If you are using the embed code from youtube, it will work, sort of, but will cause problems.

  21. I admit I embed the youtube stuff haphazardly; I try the youtube embed code, and wordpress seems to "figure it out", such that when I'm back in edit mode, it looks a lot different (simpler, cleaner) than the way I put it in. Like, this is before:
    <object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="355"></embed></object>
    ...and this is after:


    The album cover art you cited above as hanging up Safari just opened right up for me (from your post) in MSN Explorer, which is usually lame. Would you suggest I host an image like that elsewhere, like my own photobucket, or is that still "hotlinked"?
    I guess I should use that W3C link to diagnose my issues, then figure out how to fix them.
    Right now, the audio player is not playing the following 2 clips in any of my browsers:

  22. I just ran that W3C thing and had 60+ errors. It seems like it's telling me that in many cases, I'm missing a ">", "<" or an "a"; is it that simple or am I misreading it? Also, do the options "Validate error pages" and "Clean up Markup with HTML Tidy" fix things for me, or am I misreading that too (and guilty of wishful thinking)? Thanks for your assistance here; I really appreciate it.

  23. y'know, I'm not writing any of this code; I just make my posts in "visual" mode, using "add image" or "edit link"; The only code I "write" is when I type [audio=X], putting the mp3 location in the X. Could all these code errors be the result of the (gulp) browser I'm using at the time?
    When it says "An 'id' is a unique identifier. Each time this attribute is used in a document it must have a different value", does that mean that I should go in and rename them as 'audioplayer2, 3, etc? :

    Line 263, Column 206: ID "audioplayer1" already defined .
    …yer.swf' width='290' height='24' id='audioplayer1'><param name='movie' value=✉

    Line 72, Column 206: ID "audioplayer1" first defined here .
    …yer.swf' width='290' height='24' id='audioplayer1'><param name='movie' value=

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