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    I have uploaded some .mp4 and .avi video onto my site which I display using the WordPress player, but I also want to make some of them available for readers to download. I have posted a link using the address provided by WordPress, but when you right click and ‘Save target As’ the .mp4 files are converted to .mp3 and the .avi files are converted to documents. Am I doing something wrong?



    Can you post one of this links in here because I can’t seem to find them on your blog. Also, when you do “Save Target As”, have you tried changing the type with which the file is saved?


    I have taken all of the links off my blog because they didn’t work but I will put one back in a second to show you. There is no option to change the file type.


    If you go to the VIDEOS page on my site I have put the link back for the last video and tried what you suggested about the file type. If you change it to ‘all files’ and rename the file as .mp4 it does download as an mp4 but if you don’t go through this process (which is a bit laborious) it is still dowloading as an mp3. Why is this?


    My lunchbreak is over so I have to log off but I will tag this page and check back tomorrow and will be very grateful of any advice left. Cheers x x x



    /nod to ishmeet.

    It’s the X-Mas Medley video? I just downloaded it via “save link as” using Firefox without a problem; I didn’t have to change it to “all files” or anything like that. But when I tried it in IE7 I’m getting the problem you’re describing; it wants to save as an mp3.

    I don’t know what’s going on exactly but it might be something in the way IE defaults for downloads; I’m not sure how you’d change that if it’s not in the advanced settings. So I don’t think it’s a WordPress issue; you might be better of searching Google to see if anyone’s had the same problem. Perhaps you could try storing the file somewhere like and see if it makes a difference; I don’t know why it would, but I haven’t seen this happen before either, so it might be worth a try.

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