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    So I searched and thought I followed the directions for uploading a MP4 music file correctly. I upgraded to the Space upgrade, so that I would be able to upload these into my blog, but have been unsuccessful. After uploading the file successfully from my computer, I did select none, so that it would insert the audio player into my blog, but everytime I attempt to play the file on the preview screen, or after the blog has been published, it shows file not found. I read several threads where it appeared they were resolved, but I am not the most tech saavy of them, and apparently it went above my head. Any help, especially in lamens terms, would be most appreciated. I have left one attempted audio file on a post:
    and this is the file URL listed in my gallery:

    The blog I need help with is


    The audio player plays mp3s only.



    It could well just be the underscore in the name. Try renaming the file on your computer to something that doesn’t contain any punctuation, etc, and reuploading it. See if it then works.



    Oh duh, never mind what I said. I should not answer questions before I’ve had coffee. Will check it out after coffee and reply.


    well that explains a lot, I seriously thought I was just an idiot, apparently it is just too late here, and a sign that I should not be working on this. Thank you!!!!!!



    Ah, pana is right: it’s not a soundfile. The audio player works only with mp3 files, according to the support docs. Which of course makes me wonder why they allow you to upload files you cannot use:

    * Please note that if you copy and paste the above code into your visual editor, it will result in errors because there are a few HTML tags within the brackets that are needed so that we can actually display the code (as opposed to the audio player).
        * There should be a space between audio and http.
        * Only mp3 audio files can be played on the WordPress audio player. This is a Flash limitation.
        * The audio player expects the file to be encoded at 44.1kHz
        * The audio player can be used in text widgets.

    I am not exactly sure either, but I just tested out with an MP3 file, and it works perfectly. Thank yall so much!!!


    It’s not just according to the Support docs, it’s a flash limitation (applies to other players too).

    I suppose they allow you to upload them because you can at least link to them (same situation with PDFs). But users can easily be mislead by this. What’s more, many users are misled into thinking you need the space upgrade in order to play music in your blog.


    You dont? I did not know that. It wouldnt previously let me upload the files because it wasnt one of the approved file format I thought it would be easier (less techy) for me to just get the space upgrade, which minus having to convert my itunes files to mp3 format was easier then im guessing the other way is. Unless of course I am wrong, which, obviously, wouldnt be the first time today.



    You have to upload the files somewhere else in order to play them on the blog, but you CAN do it.

    It is easier to just convert them and then upload them here. I uploaded mine at the Internet Archive, which deleted them, and Odeo, which seems to have stopped working since the company invented Twitter and got busy with that instead.

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