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  1. See, I think of "Mr. Friendly", and automatically I'm conditioned to think of Mr. Tom Vu, his real estate "secrets", and the legions of seemingly disinterested bikini clad 80's babes that gratuitously appear throughout his infomercials.

    Before there was Vince from ShamWow, there was Tom "come to my seminar" Vu.

  2. do you have a youtube video for everything, kstafford??

  3. Need you even ask? :)

    I'm actually hurt that you would have to question my ability to find a youtube video for any occasion imaginable.

    Actually, it's gotten a bit more difficult recently as they seem to have purged a great deal of the copyrighted material that used to be available there.

  4. huh, were you really hurt? i was just teasing...

  5. I'm just messing with ya, bud.

    ...and I'll never run out of youtube randomness. :-)

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