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  1. I accidentaly disabled my mshots on my blog. I have the the "Enable mshots" options checked on my apearence options, the thing is that i disabled it on the mshots page preview. How can i enable them again?

    Please help me,


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Dashboard -> Appearance -> Extras (checkmark the enable mshots box) click the Update Extras button

  3. What timethief said.

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  5. evanrelf, do you have a particular issue or question(?) because that's not really helpful.

  6. That´s exactly what it´s happens to me and Í cannot fix the problem.

  7. umm what are mShots?

  8. if you disabled the M0shots by clicking disable in the M-shots window,
    You will have to log out
    clear cookies and private data
    and log back in to see them again.

  9. Mshots is a web page preview feature that when on a blog that has them active, if you hover your mouse over a link in the sidebar or in a post or page, it will show a small preview of the page. It isn't working as well as it should be. WordPress needs to do some more work on it.

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