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    I am starting a blog with a bunch of my friends and we would like to use a single blog.

    I know that I can add contributors, editors, authors…all that good stuff.

    However, one thing I don’t like, all the posts go on the “Home” page. I want to create pages for each of us and then put our blogs under our names. Is this possible?
    How would I accomplish this?

    The blog I need help with is



    Let’s start with this > user roles > adding users

    Staff have provided this support documentation entry for those who want to structure their blog like a website. >

    What’s critical is to understand when creating a website structure is the following:

    1. The differences between pages and posts

    2. The impact of choosing to restruture a blog to become page based

    3. We organize our posts by use of categories. There is only one dynamic page in a blog and we cannot post to more that one page. However, we can create the appearance that we have done that by setting up a custom menu and displaying Categories in tabs along the horizontal navigation menu. Instructions > custom menus >

    Read also>



    I’m not clear why this is posted in the CSS Forum. Do you have the CSS upgrade?



    Would using an Authors Widget work well enough – it will give you a listing of your Authors in the sidebar – click on an Author and you will see all the Posts they have written.

    Probably the easiest way to have some type of sort by Author

    Dashboard >> Appearance >> Widgets >> drag and drop the Author Widget into a Sidebar.



    I would suggest setting up a custom menu bar and put links to your author pages in the main navigation, that would allow visitors to see all the posts on the homepage, but to easily find and view all posts by separate authors too. Very similar to the authors widget, you could go with either, or both.

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