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    How do I add a slideshow as my header? Plesae be specific. I already have all the images for the slideshow, and I know to go to “Presentation” and “Custom Image Header”. Where do I go from there?



    AFAIK, you can’t do that. Headers have to be static images.



    Darn it. Then how do I make a visible Slideshow towards the top of my site?



    Ugh, none of those work for me. Do you know anything that doesn’t add anything fancy, it just goes from image to image? And how would I add it to the top of my site, below the header? I’ve seen it done before.


    No I don’t. The only space you have available is the blogging space. The maximum blogging space sizes are here
    If you have seen it done before on a blog then contact the blogger in question and ask how it was done.

    BTW are you aware of this?



    Hey, this blog has a “slideshow header”: How do I do that?



    That’s an animated gif, not a slideshow per se. You can read this forum thread on trying to use animated gifs in headers:

    Do a google search to find out how to create one.



    Sorry, but that didn’t help much. Do I just save all of my images on .GIF, and save them all seperately? I’m really lost. I have a better idea: Please give me a step-by-step procedure of how to add a gif header. Please be specific and clear, I’m not to good with Internet codes or lingo, and I’m a pretty slow learner. Thanks to who all has helped, and thanks to those who will help!



    Do a google search. There are instructions out there already; might as well use them.



    Oh dear it seems have a habit of coming to the forum and requesting that people do your work for you. Please contact the owner of the other club penguin blog and ask him or her to help you make an animated header like his or hers if you cannot master the instructions found on the net.

    Please note that we do no give instructions of that kind on this forum.
    This is strictly a forum for using technology.



    Ok, but as I have said, I am very new to the Internet, and find this to be a valuble resource when trying to find something out. But thakks for the reminder, I will try harder.


    well on your blog its fixed. how did u do that?



    Apparently oagalthorp is using a 200K GIF animation as a header. Fine if you are a visitor using broadband, terrible if you are on dialup.

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