Multi-author Blogs – How To?

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    1. When two of my Author “invitees” accepted, their names went onto my AUTHORS widget. The third one did not. I tried to re-send it, but the listing says “accepted” so I can’t. How can I get this author on my author’s list?
    2. Also – can’t find anything about PAGES by authors. Is it possible for each author to have some pages of their own? or is ONLY the Administrator allowed to have pages?
    3. If other authors CAN have pages, (besides being able to post on the home page) can they be linked from there? Can they have a list of their pages with links from there or somewhere else?
    4. Can each author decide to have their pages (if they’re allowed to have pages) Private? and just invite readers? Or does the entire blog have to be either all private or all public? CAn’t find any places on the setup to address this.
    5. If I have a static homepage, where can the general (from all authors) posts go?

    These may be easy questions, but could not be found by search, and the tutorial is very very long; I just couldn’t go on and on with it, especially since it was not dealing with problems.

    Thank you for your help.

    The blog I need help with is

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