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    Greetings: I would like to fish in my friends social pond and the would like to do the same with me! We are working on a wordpress site that has multiple authors. Each author has a social page too, such as FaceBook or Twitter, etc. When one of us writes an article it gets published automatically to our social network but NOT to ALL OF OUR SOCIAL NETWORKS. I am looking for a way to do this! Any suggestions? I see WordPress as the preeminent social communication tool and FaceBook as the delivery system.

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi there. Do you mean not to all of our social networks as being it’s only posting to your twitter and not your FB or vice versa. you want when one author posts for that post to be published to each and every authors social networks?
    If it’s the second which is what I think you mean, are you able to add your other authors social networking sites under your author name?



    Thanks for requesting the clarification! What I am trying to achieve is to have WordPress automatically post any article any of us publishes to the social networks we each have created. IE: If I have 2,000 friends on FaceBook and my co-author has 3,000 friends on FaceBook, when either of us Publishes an article on WordPress, I would like WordPress to distribute it to 5,000 “friends.” I hope that clarifies it!

    Regarding being able to add other Authors social networking sites; I have not seen any configuration option to do this. I was looking for a plugIn but it appears that this only works for site and not sites.

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