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    I’d really need to make a two-language version of my blog but I can’t seem to find any solution for this problem in I know it’s possible on with some plugins.
    Any solution there?

    Thanks a lot.
    Matteo Giunti
    Rome, Italy

    The blog I need help with is


    It’s only possible to set one language per blog on What about creating two blogs and linking them together via the sidebar.



    Yes of course, this is one solution but then I need to upload again all pictures and set again all options, double work, looks quite incredible that this is not possible on such a great platform like wordpress with so many thousands people from all over the world. Should be a basic option.



    No, you wouldn’t need to upload all the pictures, etc. Just make an export copy of the existing blog, import it into the new blog, and change the text.


    It would be better for your SEO to re-upload the pictures again anyway, labelling them beforehand in your second language and creating the captions as such. this way you are helping yourself to get found by people who search in this second language.


    I’ve done my blog in English and Italian if this helps:



    Thanks for the example… and for reminding me that I should get back to Rome! The clean look of the blog sets off the photos well.



    how can I have my blog bilingual Greek and English or have areliable app to translate from Greek into English French German?



    There’s no way to have one blog with two different alphabets on You’d have to do it with two separate blogs.

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