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Multi level lists

  1. Hi all,

    In a few WP blogs I help manage for a number of clients, I'm seeking to implement multi level lists in to text.

    To be clear, this is what Word offers as its 3rd 'bullet' option after image bullets, and numbered bullets, and is for lists that appear like this:


    etc and so on, with each 'level' further indented.

    Some of the aforementioned clients are law firms and political organisations, and want to publish regular articles with this multi level list format. Given that it's quite a basic and common formatting style, is there a way to do this within WordPress, either via a plug-in, or code?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Are we talking about blogs hosted at, or blogs hosted elsewhere? They are two different forms of the WP software, with two different sets of possibilities.

  3. we have blogs that fall in to both categories.

  4. On, there is one simple way to do that using the Visual Editor while creating/editing posts. On bullet items that you want to have as sub-items in the list, simply use the "Indent" button to indent that item. Here is more information about the Visual Editor:

  5. What are the URLs of the ones hosted at Those are the only ones we can help you with here: support for the rest is at

  6. @raincoaster - ah, I hadn't appreciated the difference. Now that I check, the ones I want this function for are hosted elsewhere.

    @expattranslator - thanks for the advice, but as above, it seems I need to haul my question over to .org. Hopefully someone will find your advice answers their question though!

    Thanks again :)

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