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    I am seriously about to delete this crappy wordpress from my site unless someone can show me a way/theme/plug in to accomplish my goals.

    First I am pissed, WordPress is the most unorganized POS site I have ever seen!

    Second, I am not some amateur computer person! I am in fact a CS student and have accomplished several complex Java, Python, and C++ programs.

    Third, I am not and will never be a web developer even though I am a Computer Science major. I lack the artistic talent needed.

    Now to my issue. I was going to choose WordPress because I heard it was easy and simple to create diverse websites! Although I am very discouraged at this point.

    What I want my site to do. First of all, I want it to allow multiple users (login page), each user should be able to write a blog, then on the main page I want a blog link that takes you to a page who lists all the authors in a grid form.Each grid for a users blog. The grid should be a box that has a profile picture of the user’s choosing at the top, then under that a name (again their choosing), maybe a general “about” statement and the number of the blogs they published (an option but not necessary, a category structure) when you select the users blogs. Second, the site has to have a fully functional forum. Third, I want a main page for each user they can modify as they wish. If they want to include a resume, interests or just a personal bio. I know I could build this myself the normal way but I don’t have the time and WP was supposed to do this for me! Each user should if they so choose should have a page designed to run off a GitHub plugin (I have not chosen one yet). A file sharing feature among users would also be nice. Lastly a gallery. I want the user to be able to log in, manage all the features. I want the features to work all the same as the blog. For instance the visitor goes to the GitHub page. They are presented with the same grid-based “users” from the blog description above, when they select the user the Gitub plugin for that user is viewed. I want control over the main page where I can post articles, ext. A link in the menu bar that says ‘users’ that opens the above mentioned grid of users, the grid selection then brings them to the users main page, the main page should contain links to the other sections (blog, GitHub, gallery ext….)

    Now before you get all angry about my frustration. Let me tell you the general audience. I am a student at a tuition-free University (Univerity of the People). I want to offer a community where students can create an account. Then set up all the features above. Add blogs, discuss things in a forum, manage a gallery. At first I might limit the site to just students based on their school email address, but eventually, I want to open this up to anyone or at least to students from other schools. Lasly the students are Computer Science, Business Administartion and Health Services

    My frustration stems from WordPress’s lack of variable search functions. Actually, I should say poor search function. I got more responses about things that had actually nothing to do with what I wanted.

    I am willing to pay for a theme (to a degree $100 or so) but its super hard to find one! I plan to make this site service free to users, I might add google AdWords or something like that to counter the costs but other than that a basically free service!

    Any suggestions would be appreciated!!!!

    Also what the hell was with messing with my host gaor site the second I created an account? I hate it when people just change shit wth out my asking!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi @codebiker

    Sounds like there’s been a little confusion on the two different kinds of WordPress.

    There’s – that’s us, where we handle all of the hosting, security, updates and so on.

    Then there’s, or self-hosting.

    That’s when you acquire your own hosting, set up and run the WordPress software independently.

    A little more involved to set up and maintain, but it allows things like uploading themes and adding plugins.

    This is the single best article I’ve ever seen on the differences:

    I usually recommend that as a good starting point when deciding between and self hosting – it outlines the pros and cons really well :)

    The site you have described above would definitely be something you would want to set up a self hosted site for, if you have not done so already.

    From there, you’ve described several things that WordPress does not do natively/automatically with a standard install. For the ability to allow users to create their own sites/blogs for example, you would need to set up something called a WordPress Multi Site.

    This is all a bit outside of the scope of what this particular forum is geared towards (this is forum is specifically for hosted sites), so I’d recommend posting to the self hosted community forum for guidance.

    Also what the hell was with messing with my host gaor site the second I created an account?

    A account can’t access or change things on a site hosted on another server. It is possible to connect a self hosted WordPress site to your account, using the Jetpack plugin. This will enable additional features, that can all be turned off in the plugin’s settings. I don’t see any of these connections in your account at the moment though.

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