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    I’m planning on registering a domain and associate it to a blog on

    Is it possible to use such domain with in the following manner: ## the English version of myblog ## the Brazilian Portuguese version of myblog


    Thank you



    Not with,
    however you could map blogs to multipe subdomains, fo example

    and so on.


    Thank you very much tandava108.

    Just to make sure I got this right:

    – register the domain
    – create the subdomains: /
    – then each subdomain can be mapped to their respective counterparts

    In the case that I’m about to register the domain of interest through, is the subdomain creation step what is referred to as “Domain Mapping Upgrade” ($12.00)? Therefore, the math from my side would be:

    $17.00 (domain registrarion) + 2×12.00 (2 subdomains, one per language)?

    Is that what you mean?

    Thank you very much once more,



    That would be right, though you could save $12 a year if you used the main blog name as one of your language blogs, fo example had and The $17 includes the mapping of the base domain to a blog.



    To give you an idea I have and .


    Totally clear now! Thanks a lot, tandava108!!!

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