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    I am trying to create a multilingual blog.
    Because of that I have to insert different header images/logos to top and create different main menus as well.
    Finally, I could have added different image as header image. But still I couldn’t put it center. It stuck to left side and no move (Now I am having problem with the category: English). I have tried many things from the css forum but none of them didn’t work.
    And also I need to change main menu for each language. But still I couldn’t find any solution for it.
    Is there anyone to help me?
    Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is



    Howdy fashionmodalogistics!

    There are various ways to set up a multilingual blog. This can be done follow the instructions at The options are:

    You can find several examples too at You can also find more information

    As for the header, are you saying the English page isn’t centered? If so, let me know and I’ll do my best to fix it.


    I have already read that support page of about multilingual blogs. What I am trying to do is ‘One Blog, Two Posts’.
    Somehow I achieved to fix header image. But still I need help to organize main menu bar in different languages.
    In each language I would have home page+three different categories for posts + one category to switch the other language homepage, and all of them will be displayed in main menu-navigation bar-.
    I created one main menu. Let’s assume it is in French. I also need to create one main menu for English. But I can not change main menu bar in different categories.
    I think I need to write some css codes. For example to say in these categories show French Main Menu and those categories show English Main Menu.
    Do you know anything about that?
    Or any other way to overcome this challenge?
    Thanks in advance.

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