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    I would like to have 3 language options from the same blog. I do not need the blog translated (I have native speakers who will translate the content). I would like to have one url with the following flags:

    1. English (US Flag) as the primary site
    2. Dutch (Dutch flag) icon
    3. German (German flag) icon

    When someone from the Netherlands or Germany visits the blog, they’d be able to click the appropriate icon and read the site in their native language.

    Is this possible through WordPress or would I need to set up 3 separate blogs?


    The blog I need help with is


    Any thoughts? Possible to should I just manage three different blogs?



    I am facing the same problem, although only French/English. WP is a great product but what is needs is a way to toggle between supported languages. Assuming that feature is not available, how have others solved this problem?



    Multilingual blogs are not directly supported at the moment. What you could do is either create a separate blog for each language and then interlink the blogs, or publish all posts in all languages on the same blog and use different categories e.g. “English”, “Dutch”, etc. You might want to use the custom menu widget for navigation between different blog languages.



    I am looking for the same solution. I haven’t fully explored the suggested solution, it may work, or may not. For simple cases it sounds like it would.

    The use cases for multi-lingual WordPress are endless. In my particular case, we have a dual-language classroom and need to publish PTA information to parents many of whom only speak Spanish. If your suggestion is the best/only way to handle it, it would be worth at least documenting.

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