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    dear all,

    I have 3 administrators of my site since recently i set it as private blog.

    for some reason me myself own two accounts, one is the primary which started the site in first place and it owns the blog; another one is me share the adm to my another email address, just an account, no blog. (the 3rd account/administrator is my friend’s and that one no problem yet)

    then soon error accour or say it doesnt function well. i keep trying to login with my 1st account (the primary one), it does successfully login BUT whatever action i chose then eg. “dashboard” “setting-probile”… the account automatically switch to my 2nd account (still mine, but the one don’t own the blog, and i didnt mean to make/share it to manage edit posts etc. but only view/manage it to secure/assist my 1st account somehow).

    could any one help me solve this problem? is it my site error or wordpress error or its my computer problem? i even tried and fail to remove my 2nd account. what should i do?

    any one, users or wordpress team, if u could give me ANY instruction or opinion or response to this, please send me email directly..cos now im even not sure how or from which account i could see/find this forum post next time.. my email addr (email redacted)

    many many thanks,

    The blog I need help with is



    ok…i dont see my email addr appear here, so guys please please reply here.. i will try to find/follow my own forum post…



    It sounds like you need staff intervention, so I have flagged this thread for them to reply here.



    Thank you < raincoaster, i tried another browser and successfully remove my 2nd account although i didn’t want to… guess i need to find another way to manage the blog cos obviously multiple adm doesn’t work at all! thank you for your reply again:))

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