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Multiple Author Themes

  1. Why is it that most of the themes on are for only one author?

  2. Because most blogs on only have one author. ;)

    I'd like a way, maybe a new template tag, to only show multi-author parts of the theme if there is actually more than one author on the blog.

  3. Well, K2 has done it somehow. K2 only shows the multi-author part when the blog is Multi-Author.

  4. it seems (in my case) k2-lite does not show multiple authors.
    is there a way to fix it?

  5. Best bet would be to send in a feedback with specifics. Staff has asked us to do that when someone comes across any issues with the themes. That way a ticket can be generated and someone will be able to look at the issue.

    I always suggets including a link to the thread where the issue comes up as that way staff is aware that we discussed the issue and they can comment on it if needbe.

    Also remember that it may be set up that way for a reason and not require fixing.

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