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    How about introducing support for multiple authors in post and pages? I like to do reviews, and am planning to do one with a friend of mine soon. He’ll be a contributor to my blog, and therefor I’d like to have both his and my name there. Is it possible or could it be made possible? Thanks



    Do you want both your names appear always or will there be times when you’d want your or his name only?

    I’m asking because if both your names should appear all the time, you could register a ‘common user’ (this way both of you will keep your own personal user accounts, which you can use if you want to post something as your OWN opinion only), then after this user has been created, add it to your blog as an admin/editor/author/contributor… whatever roll you want it to have. Then login as this user, click on ‘my profile’ and on the left side, in the ‘nickname’ field, type both your name and his.

    Just my two cents. Maybe someone else can come up with a better idea/solution?




    In addition to what devblog has said here are some links that will be useful. What’s of the utmost importance is being cautious about whom you give which role to.

    These are the options available for you to choose from.

    (1) You can choose a theme that provides for and displays individual authors. There are theme reviews that can assist you in determining if a theme provides this “authors” feature. Look in the section titled “Display post author”.

    (2) If the theme you prefer to use does not this feature then you can create a category called “Authors” as a “parent” category and then create “children” (Tom, Dick, Harry) sub-categories for each author’s name under the parent category Authors.

    (3) Or if neither of the above options are suitable then you can have each author include a byline in the posts they create.



    Hi and thanks for your answers :)

    What I wanted is that sometimes, when some people (contributors) help me to write a review and we write it together, then I want both our names to be noted as authors. But when changing the author, you can only select one. So I wanted to know from the WP team, if it could be done possible to select two or more authors. Right now, I guess you can use the option to create a new user and add both names in the public/post-name, but then it won’t count in the number of posts created, if you know what I mean.

    Hopefully it can be created :)



    FWIW most themes do not provide author templates at all. Setting that aside the process for requesting another feature is to send in a feedback to staff including all details and your reasons for requesting it.

    In the meanwhile you can simply type a byline the applicable posts.



    honestly… just put the credits in the post.

    so much easier to deal with.

    When I have guest bloggers I just always assign the author to a guest blogger account I control and then put the details in the post.



    Thumbs up engtech – the simple solutions are frequently the best ones. :)



    Hi engtech,

    I hope you don’t mind me re-opening an older thread.

    When you say you “assign the author to a guest blogger account I control and then…” I wasn’t sure what you meant. I thought perhaps you meant you created another WordPress account using a different e-mail address and I went off to try that. Then I thought, well that’s not what he meant…maybe he meant he has the guest blogger sign up for a WordPress account.

    You got me curious…can you please elaborate a bit?

    Thank you so much!

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