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Multiple authors problem

  1. First attempt at blogging and ran into a slight problem.

    We wanted to set up a multi author blog. The creation of the blog under this account went through no problem. Another account was then created (gesta) _without_ a blog, just username. This was added (as an editor) to All fine so far.

    We wrote and saved a post under the border account. On checking we found it comes up with gesta as the author. In fact, the only choice in the author pulldown menu is gesta. However, the border account can write a post as gesta!

    1) How can the border account write a post as border?

    2) Should the border account be able to write a post as gesta?


    [If it matters, this is from firefox on XP, no firewall issues that I know of]

  2. Did you try to change the authur when you created a post. You can do this in the right sidebar. It's compleetly under.
    Or what you can try to is to change the rights (I've i spell correctly) of the gesta account.

    And I'm not formelier whit more authurs.

  3. Yes, I tried to change the author using the pulldown menu in the sidebar. The only option was the gesta account, not the border account.

    I then modified the role of the gesta account down to Subscriber. This changed the author of the post to border, and any new post written also had the author border.

    However, increasing the role of the gesta account back to Editor means that the only option for writing an article is the gesta account. In fact any role for the gesta account except that of Subscriber leads to this situation, that all posts have author "gesta".

  4. Make sure that it's gesta logged in from your computer when he or she writes the actual post. Also make sure that gesta has filled out their information at Dashboard -> Users -> Your Profile when they're logged in. IIRC the Post Author dropdown listings is used from the Your Profile -> "Display name publicly as" listing and the information on that page needs to be filled out for it's dropdown to work right.

    I'll send in a Feedback though myself because their might be a bug here and see if Podz or Andrew can double check this.

  5. Thanks for that. Unfortunately filling in the details in the profile (for all concerned) made no difference.

    I have temporarily fixed this by creating another account. So we now have border (administrator), reivers and gesta (editors). reivers and gesta can be authors on posts; border cannot. However, posts written with border logged in can have either reivers or gesta as the "author".

    It's a workaround solution but certainly not what I would expect the roles and permissions to do.

  6. Quick aside while I'm thinking about it. Some of the themes do not display the author of a post. Just keep that in the back of your mind if you ever change your theme.

    Gone to try something.

  7. OK, I broke down and finally created a second account just to see what was going to.

    Logged in as my second account (jackied) which in an editor, when I view the Write Post page, I can write a post as either drmike or jackied.

    When I logged in as the Admin of the blog, (drmike) I still can write as either of the accounts. No blank spaces on either drop down menu.

    *chuckle* I do see a pair of bugs though that I'll send in.

    These are the days, I wish I had backend access. *sigh*

  8. Ah well. I do wonder if it had anything to do with me adding the gesta account as an editor before making any posts on the blog itself. I did initially think that it might be that gesta didn't have a blog, but I see that jackied doesn't either.

    Thanks for the help.

  9. I'm hoping that Podz or Andrew will see this thread (I dropped them a Feedback) as I'm out of ideas.

  10. Got now the same problem. whit
    it is dutch but you know what's about. My name is dennis pater but here is it compleetly else. It used the name of my friend.

  11. I know now it's simple how to put both name into it.
    Go to "users" Pres the name who isn't working Then update the user how you want it or is it the same it makes no difference and press update then. So easy I've you know :D
    Please tell me iv you done it

  12. I had checked this earlier and border was listed as an administrator on the users panel. Clicking on border and going through the "Change checked user to": Administrator routine, it did claim that roles had been changed. Going to the Write screen I can now post as border (as well as being able to post as gesta and reivers). Weird.

    Thanks for your help!

  13. No problem :)

  14. Hey, can you two go through that fix one more time for me? I'm having the same problem and I'm not following what you did.

    My particular facts: I (Mark) started the blog ( and of course I was its administrator. I then added two new users (Charles and Rod) as "authors." Then, while logged in as Mark, I posted to the blog to note that we had two new authors, and I saw that the post appeared as if it had come from Charles. I tried to edit this, and I see where I am supposed to be able to change the author of a post, but the only choices I have are Charles and Rod -- I cannot make myself the author of the posts I write!

    I guess I could try the second-account workaround that border tried, but I can't believe that's necessary and it looks like the two of you worked out something better. Thanks in advance for your help.

  15. I am having the same problem with I added an additional editor and it only lists her in the post author drop down list.

  16. Have you read the thread you posted in as there are a couple of suggestions up above?

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