Multiple background images not working

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    AFAIK, with CSS 3, background images are possible using the following syntax:

    background-image: url(http://whatever/background1.png), url(http://whatever/background2.png);

    When I try this, I do not get any background images appearing at all. They do, however appear if I use only one image. When using the developer tools in Chrome, I do not see the comma after the first image is specified. I was wondering if the preprocessing that WordPress does is accidentally stripping out the comma and causing it to not work, or if there is something different that I am doing.


    The blog I need help with is


    It could very well be that wordpress.COM does not yet support it.


    Sadly, that won’t work on :(
    Hopefully we can add support for it in the not-too-distant future.



    Thanks for the authoritative answer, nice to know I was doing it right.

    I will really appreciate it when you add support for multiple background images. Is there anything I can do to encourage this work, like registering a feature request or bug report somewhere?


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