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Multiple Blog Privacy

  1. peregrinusdolor

    All right, I wish to have more than one blog, but do not want it known that I am writing both. One is a blog of a personal nature, that I do not wish (potential) employers to see (nothing bad, just not for them to see) and the other I don't mind if they see. Now, should I make two separate accounts in order to do this, or if I have multiple blogs are they all separate enough so that there is privacy between them. I hope that all makes sense.

  2. should I make two separate accounts in order to do this,

    yes - no other way

    Also if you don't want employers to see the other account you can't tell anyone about the blog - can't use your name on it anywhere - can't reference anything that can be searched on for your area etc. Can't link at all to the other blog from your real blog - sooner or later someone will make a reference in a comment to your real name etc.

  3. peregrinusdolor

    Understood. Thank you so much for your help. And making no reference to myself isn't an issue, I can do that with my "private" blog. I just wanted to make sure that was the route I had to go.

  4. You be welcome - note also that someone might link to your other blog and make a reference to you when they link "check out Fred Smith's latest comments at ........."

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