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Multiple blog problem

  1. I have two blogs and I made one blog as 'primary'. But in secondary blog all the posts show my name with url of primary blog. I mean 'posted by shashi' here 'shashi' refers to primary blog (even if post is in secondary blog).
    1. first I want each blog should have different name of auther (eventhough both blogs are mine, I want different name should appear for each blog.)
    2. My name shoud have url of that blog only and not primary blog.

    How can I do this?

  2. Thanks Kashmir...your privious post didn't have proper tags (multiple blogs) that's why i didn't come across it. Anyway thanks for your help. It seems that, if you have multiple blogs then public name remain same for all blogs. I don't want to create different accout (as both of my blogs are podcast and now if I made any changes it will affect their listeners)
    I hope some solution will come foreward from admin...

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