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    I have three blogs on WordPress, and two of them seem to work great – my first blog faith2hope2love and my third willsword. The problem is with the second blog I made – proclamation. In particular, when I am in its Dashboard and click on “View site” all I get is a blank page with “404” on it in the top left corner. Looking further I also find that the address bar is showing the following:, when it should just be (at least I think it should be that.

    I believe that the same issue causing this problem is also messing up my attempts to add this blog to performancing, zoundry and windows live writer blogging tools. The other two blogs work great, but proclamation is not added correctly. For instance, windows live writer tells me that it cannot import the style sheet for the blog, and in every one of these bloggin tools the categories imported for proclamation are the ones for faith2hope2love.

    Can someone help me out here, or should I just delete the blog proclamation and start over? Thanks in advance for any help.



    Don’t delete it. Send in a feedback from the Dashboard side of things and Support will get on it ASAP. They’re pretty good about things like this, and only they can fix it for you.


    Thanks raincoaster. I did just that and Mark from wordpress promptly corrected the situation. Hope all is well with you.


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