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    I am the current owner of several blogs, some of which were created a year or so ago. At the time they were created, I was able to set them up so that they were associated with an email address that was not my wordpress account email. I just created a new blog, but can not figure out how to change what email the notifications get sent to. I know this sounds confusing, so hopefully this will help…

    WordPress account is associated with “email one” and “blog one”, “blog two”, and “blog three” are all listed under my sites.

    Notifications for “blog two” are sent to “email two”, even though “blog two” is under my sites with the wordpress account associated with “email one”

    Notifiations for “blog three” are sent to “email three”, even though “blog three” is under my sites with the wordpress associated with “email one”

    I now what to associate “blog four” with “email four” but it is only showing association with “email one”

    Please help!

    The blog I need help with is


    Figured it might be helpful to have the actual websites/emails – notifications are sent to (email redacted) – notifications are sent to (email redacted)

    new blog is – notificaitons are being sent to email associated with wordpress account but want to change it to (email redacted)



    Hi there, notifications are always sent to the email address in your account settings here:

    You can read more about that here: Email Notifications

    It sounds like you may have set up some kind of email forwarding in your email account, so that emails related to specific blogs are automatically forwarded to your other accounts. That would be done in your email client for the email address linked to your account, rather than by changing a setting here at

    For example, with Hotmail you can set up specific forwarding rules with this guide:

    Please let me know if you have any questions about that. :)


    I know it’s not forwarding since the emails come directly from wordpress. If I remember correctly, it has something to do with administrator emails. It used to be that you could go to the dashboard for each specific blog, select settings (general) and you could change the email address for that specific blog there. Unfortunately that option is now missing.



    Hi there, no longer has alternate administrator email addresses for blogs — all blog notifications will go to your account email address.

    I checked our email logs for the email addresses you mentioned, and I don’t see any emails being sent directly from to those addresses. If you’d like to continue getting notifications at those addresses (and set it up to get notifications from to the email address you mentioned), I’d recommend setting up forwarding rules from your account email address to those other emails.

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