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    Is there a way to post the same blog entry onto multiple blog pages? What I’m trying to do is this:

    I have one main blog for our work, but there are several ‘authors’ who will post more frequently and I would like for those authors who are posting a lot to have a separate blog just containing their entries. But I would also like their entries to be posted on our main blog with all of our other authors…

    Does that make sense? Can anyone help?


    Posting the same thing on multiple blogs will hurt your search engine ranking. Search engines are suspicious of things like that since it is a regular tactic of spammers.

    To answer your question though, there is no way to simultaneously post to multiple blogs. You would have to do a manual copy and paste.



    Copy/paste. There’s no auto-posting of content at

    As well: please understand that doing this will decrease the standing of all blogs involved in the eyes of search engines. Naturally, they view re-posting of material as not worth covering, and downgrade both the source and the extra blogs quite significantly.




    Thank you! It was just an idea… we’ll have to figure something else out.


    One thing you can do is put RSS widgets in the sidebar of the main blog and then subscribe to the RSS feed from the author’s blogs.

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