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    I have three blogs under my domain, and would like to delete one of them. I’m pretty sure I can do this without endangering the other two, but I’m still scared to death that if I delete one, the others will go, which would be a disaster. SOmeone please reassure me I can delete this blog and keep the other two–unless that’s not the case!



    why not keep the blog private? nobody can see it that way and you could use it to test theme or widget changes. if you don’t want the content to remain, just delete all posts, comments, etc without deleting the blog.



    I’m not sure what you mean by ‘one domain’. However I have seven or eight blogs all with wordpress (ex:;;…) and just deleted one a bit ago. The others are all still fine.



    Yes, you can delete just one blog. Be very sure which dashboard you’re on when you hit the Delete button. Also, you probably know but: you can never use that URL again (unless it’s something you’ve got domain mapping on, then you can use your new URL but not the one) and everything is gone for good.

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