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Multiple blogs. Multiple comment choices?

  1. I have a couple of blogs under one account. This is praactical on the one hand, as I need to log in only once. On the other hand, this is not very good as I have to choose a primary blog and when I comment or answer comments in any of my blogs under one account I will be "signed in" (with a link and avatar) as only one blog(user) of the primary blog. As far as I know it wasn't possible to be represented under respective blog names in various blogs.

    So, my primary blog is samaralife. When I comment in samaralifephoto I am still shown as samaralife with a samaralife avatar. Now I want to open a third blog and I'd rather not do it under a separate account, but I need to be identified there not as samaralife.

    The question is, is it still the same or does WP now allow to differentiate?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It is still the same.

  3. Thank you. A huge pity...

  4. You always have the option of registering a new account. Logging out and back in isn't a HUGE burden.

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