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    I have had a WP blog for awhile and recently started another one. For various reasons I started a new account with a new password, rather than having 2 blogs on one account. I am having all sorts of technical difficulties with my new blog that I never had with my first one. Does WP have problem supporting 2 accounts on one computer? Might I be having a confused cookie/resource issue? Is there any way to resolve it?

    Thanks, WP community!
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    The blog I need help with is


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    If you have two accounts on one computer, then you have to log out of one before you log into the other. Or you can open two different browsers: Firefox for one, and Chrome for the other (just an example) so you can stay logged in to each account. Just switch browsers to see the admin page or one blog or the other.

    Or are you having other technical difficulties?


    Thanks for responding! I do log out in and out before uses and I am able to access the each of the accounts but I am having strange wonky problems with the second account such as: only being able to post 1 photo per entry, odd formatting glitches and a stats page that is confused about what the time and date is.

    Since these problems are only happening on the 2nd blog, I thought the second account might be having trouble playing nice with the first one on my computer.


    I just noticed that my original question was posted under one of my blog identities and my follow-up answer is posted under the other.

    I apologize for any confusion. Both dogsofcayecaulker and graysintheshade are my accounts. It’s dogsofcayecualker I’m having trouble with. I think I’ve spent too many hours working on this problem!


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    There have been other reports about those issues here, but I’ve not been following them closely—I’m a volunteer and my time has been limited for the past few weeks—so I’m not sure how they were resolved. If they were bugs, browser related, user error, or something else.

    Perhaps another volunteer can help. Or try a search of the forum tags.

    Or use Google to search:
    type something like this into the Google search bar:
    missing image site:
    (vary the search term)

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