multiple blogs/pages on one site?

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    I hope someone can help me — I’m not even sure if this can be done.

    Here’s what I want to happen. Two of my friends and I are looking to start a blog called the Dead Sea. We want to have a main page that would have all of the recent updates and then three seperate pages where we could each have our own personal blogs (all under the umbrella of The Dead Sea).

    Is this something that can be done? What’s the easiest way to go about it?



    Do you want each of your blogs to look different? Then the only option is simply to link to each other. If you don’t mind looking the same, you could have guest writers on your blog. Have them register their own account with WordPress, and then add them to your blog through the “Users” option in your dashboard. Then have each user create a category for themselves, and mark each post they write with their own category?



    You can do subdomain blog installtion so that you can use 3 different themes or 1 in your 3 different subdomain blog.

    Take for example you site is called & users/blgos A, B & C

    The blogs can access like this format:,, OR, &

    Certainly the first format look nicer.

    Then you look for plugins that can syndicate all your 3 blogs contents to the main blog at Display summary or extended format, it is up to you how to do it.



    Cool, didn’t think of that.



    How do I do a subdomain blog installation? I like the idea of having,, etc.

    Is that something WordPress does? Or is that something I do with my hosting account? Or something else?



    A good way to determine what does and is for what does and is for is found in this thread

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