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Multiple categories selected to narrow down search

  1. Is there a theme that allows visitors to make a selection of categories to narrow down the search of blogposts? My blog holds recipes and I'd like my visitors to be able to choose a recipe that is glutenfree, lactosefree and a maincourse for example... Now I have a category "glutenfree" but that holds recipes with lactose aswell, so we have to narrow down the search.

    Hope my explanation is clear. Thanx for an answer!

    Cheers, Judith

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There is no theme that does what you describe.

  3. What's key is your assignment of Categories and or Tags to posts and including those phrases in the body text of your posts.

    The search engine indexes post, pages, and comments content (body text). Unless entered as text in those contents, blog name, post titles, and post/comment author names are not indexed.

  4. Thanx for your quick reply, too bad I can't do what I want, but ok, I'll find a way.
    A quick last question, maybe you know: if I try another theme and it doesn't work out, and turn it back to the old layout, do I lose any of my work?

    Hope you are able to help me.

  5. Please understand this is not a theme related issue and you will not find a way to do what you want to do by changing themes.

    Changing themes does not result in a loss of data. You can go here > Appearance > Themes and select a new theme and activate it as many times as you choose to. After changing themes you may have to replace your widgets by removing them from the Inactive Wigets box here and installing where you want them > Appearance > Widgets

  6. If you are still seeking a sophisticated search function then you will not find it here. You can hire a web host and set up your own install and then create a customized search for your self hosted install, or use an existed plugin, but you cannot do that here on a free hosted blog.

  7. existed = existing

  8. I know, you made that clear the first time, that I can't do what I want. I just thought to find a way around it using categories, dropdownmenus and tags. It's not perfect but it'll do for now.

    Thanx for all your answers, they've been very helpful!

  9. I just thought to find a way around it using categories, dropdownmenus and tags.

    I'm afraid that's the best there is. I posted again above because I didn't want you to waste time trying out over 200 themes in vain.

  10. Ok, thanx ;)

  11. You're welcome.

  12. And no, you don't lose any data when you change themes.

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