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    Lets say I have two category widgets, each for a different thing. Is it possible for them to link different post categories? I’m having tbe problems where both of them just list all my post categories, and I cannot find a way so I can choose what catgories I want and don’t want them to show

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    I am also having this problem, I added a categories widget and put it categories such as:
    -Hair & Beauty

    I then added a second Categories Widget ‘thinking’ I could use this for different posts such as reviews, and then list the categories such as:
    -Hair Reviews
    -Skin Reviews
    -Fashion Reviews

    But when I added the second widget it looks like it has completely duplicated the first one. ‘Is it not possible to have a second categories widget for different topics?



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    That’s how the categories widget works. It seems to be for two sets of categories, but in fact they are duplicates. If you have 2 categories widgets, one can be display a drop-down menu and one can display all the categories, otherwise they are the same. I think it was something WordPress began to develop, but then never brought to completion.

    It might be possible to use the links widget to have different sets of categories.


    Or a text widget: get the URLs of the category pages, create links to them, and use them with the code for unordered lists.

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