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    I had earlier made a post about multiple comments(perhaps wrongly) while importing from blogger. I have managed to solve the problem by going to Dashboard and then pressing manage, comments, delete. I had to delete 100 surplus comments. It was quite tedious. I strongly recommend that you insert yahoo like boxes where one just has to click all boxes and delete comments in a jiffy. You have created a fantastic platform and it would be a shame it were to flatter to deceive for such minor reasons.Just giving honest feedback:-
    Your platform is really a treat
    Creating such a software is no mean feat
    Any blogger would be upbeat
    However you have to beat
    The problem of multiple comments delete
    I think because of excess traffic you are feeling the heat.
    Don’t worry, without teething troubles, no innovation is complete.
    I must repeate
    Such problems you have to defeat
    Vis-a-vis, honest feedback, other problems must take a backseat.


    I’m not sure what there is to reply here. Good idea. I recommend you suggest the same through the “Feedback” link on your blog’s dashboard.



    We provide this functionality here:

    Manage -> Comments -> Mass Edit Mode

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