Multiple custom forms possible on Twenty ten page?

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    Using twenty-ten theme, I want two separate forms separated by text. I noticed it won’t allow me to do this. It always opens up the one form and not give me an option for adding new fields separate from the first form. I want to add 11 more fields after my text “Next, your Nominee’s info” in the Nominate your Hero sub tab for local heros.

    Here is a link to

    I appreciate any assistance on this. Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is


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    No, you can have only one contact form per page. It isn’t theme dependent.

    It makes sense if you consider that you are asking for a person’s name and info first, then moving on to asking for the nominee’s information: how would you match the nominator with the nominee if you get separate submissions of contact forms?

    Switch to the text (code) editor and after the shortcode for “What is your relationship to the nominee?” press return and type in a title like “Next, Your Nominee’s Information!” Press return again so that title is all on its own line. Update the page. (You can make the title bold so that it stands out more.)



    Thank you for your reply. I have seen webpages that have multiple forms on a single page and thought that same concept could work here. I understand your reasoning. I went ahead and created two sub headings under local heros, one for nominate a hero and two as nominator’s info. Even with this, not sure if the syncing would take place as you suggested between the nominator and the nominee info.

    Thanks for the suggestion on using larger font size.


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    You’ve unpublished the form so I cannot see what you have done, but adding the titles as I suggested will work so that all the information the nominator fills in will come to you in one email with the titles and fields listed with the information included.

    I only suggested making the titles bold using the strong tag, but if you want them bigger here is an article about how to do that:
    <p style="font-size:120%;"><strong>Next, Your Nominee’s Information!</strong></p>

    You saw multiple forms on a page but the site was not here on the free-hosted version of There are different kinds of wordpress:



    Got it. I checked the settings and it says visibility: public so not sure why you’re not able to see it. Would you please see the two sub tabs under local heros to see if what you were saying would still work regarding syncing info from both forms ? Thank you.


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    Oh, I was confused because on the parent page it says, “Local Heros
    Coming Soon!” so it looked as if you’d removed the form.

    Better to have information about the heros on the parent tab plus text links to each of the forms.

    Then I’d advise using a text link on the nominator’s form at the bottom where it says, “Next, please fill out the Nominate your Hero”. And vice versa linking the nominee’s form to the nominator form. People don’t always read closely and asking them to scroll back up to the navigation tab could be easily missed.

    What is the reason that you don’t want just one form?

    If you make titles as I suggested you could have everything on one form and save lots of work collated the two forms together for evlaluation. Here is sample code for a few of your fields with titles added:
    [contact-form]<strong>Your information first</strong>[contact-field label='Name' type='name' required='1'/][contact-field label='Email' type='email' required='1'/][contact-field label='your age' type='text'/]<strong>Tell us about your hero</strong>[contact-field label='who is your here' type='text'/][contact-field label='Why is this person your hero?' type='text'/][/contact-form]

    You will have to switch to the text editor to paste the code. Try it in a draft page. I think you may be able to edit the code in visual editor but you have to add the titles in the text (code) editor.



    First let me say, everything you suggested works and looks great on our website! I didn’t quite understand your initial suggestion to hard code the form until I saw your second suggestion with the sample code. I was under the assumption that since the form wizard didn’t allow it, then it’s not possible to do what I initially wanted to do and that is to have one form, not realizing that you wanted me to expand on the form coding while maintaining it as one form.

    I gave the form the parent right for now and will it treat it as a child once we have some heros to publish! I’m extremely impressed by your patience to help us get it right!

    1tess, thank you on behalf of special needs parents in Modesto, CA!

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