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    I’m trying to create a set of different blogs that cater to different audiences but some posts will be of interest to more than one audience.

    So suppose I own and host and on the same server. I want to create blogs,,, each blog having a seperate skin and theme. But I want to write a post and have it appear on either a single blog of multiple blogs and have it be the same post and not a duplicate. Any comments that are made on blog1 are also visible on blog3, any edits made to the post will be reflected on both blogs.

    Is there any way this can be done elegantly within wordpress? I know it’s technically feasible, all the blogs would share a common database and each blog would pull up a customized “view” of the database. But what would be the best way to support this?



    You’re in the wrong forum and need to be over at; our software here is different and our answers won’t apply to you. We don’t have database access, for example.

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