Multiple galleries in one post or page?

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    My blog is for my clothing store and i have put on 6 fashion shows over the years. I would like to have one page dedicated to the photos from those shows, broken up into 6 portions. How do I make either a gallery or slideshow for each specific show? For example, If I create a slide show for fashion show # 1 and insert it, and then i make another slideshow for fashion show # 2, it automatically inserts the photos from the previous show. And if I delete them from show # 2’s slideshow, they will be deleted in the first as well. I don’t want 6 separate posts or pages, just one. How do I do this? If possible I would like to have 6 different galleries in one post or page.
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    Right now, WordPress associates images in a gallery with a single post or page, so the first thing you need to do is have each gallery setup in its own separate post or page.

    The gallery help page talks about how images get attached and how to create galleries, so that’s the best place to start.

    Once you’ve created galleries in other pages, you can insert galleries from those pages into the final page using the gallery shortcode. You’ll need to know the post_id of each page which you can get by looking at the URL inside the edit page.

    The final shortcode for each post would look something like this where 1234 is the post_id:

    [gallery id="1234"]

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