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Multiple images

  1. How do I insert MULTIPLE IMAGES (NOT using a gallery or WITHOUT resorting to HTML CODE which I don't understand)?
    Help! My posts are taking far too long!
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  2. If you don't want to use the Gallery (still the fastest way to publish even full sized images in my opinion), then the only way is to insert them one-by-one using Insert Media button in the Visual Editor, navigating to the Media Library and inserting the image into the post. Rinse and Repeat for each image.

    Maybe have a look at this post on my demo blog and perhaps you'll reconsider using the Gallery.

  3. Thanks JustJennifer. How do I "insert a gallery" vs individual pics in the gallery?

  4. You already know how to insert images one-by-one. If you read the post I linked to it will be clear how to insert a Gallery with full size images.

    In short and using the most basic format of the Gallery, after you've uploaded the images to the Post or Page where you want them to appear, you can close the Image Uploader, switch to the HTML Editor and put your cursor in the place where you want your Gallery to appear and type
    [gallery columns="1" size="full"]
    You can then switch back to the Visual Editor and carry on editing

    You must upload the images to the Post or Page where you want them to appear for this to work.

  5. Thanks.

    -I uploaded the images to the relevant post.
    -- switched to html
    - pasted the html text
    -went back to visual style
    - but all i saw was a picture of a camera
    -however I did see the images when I went to preview

    Question: Will I ever be able to the images in my visual editor?

  6. No. The Gallery uses a placeholder instead of the images in the Editor.

    I strongly suggest you also read this Support doc to get a fuller understanding of what the Gallery does.

  7. Ok.
    But then I cant edit the order of the images in the visual editor?

  8. Yes, you can reorder the images in the Image Uploader's Gallery tab. Once you read the Support doc it should be clearer. :)

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