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    Hi, I’m new to wordpress and don’t know much of anything right now. I thought I understood my way a bit around the dashboard, but now I don’t know. I have multiple issues with my blog and I would appreciate help with any one, if not all. They are as follows:

    1) I can post comments on my blog from my wordpress account, but other people who have tried cannot leave a comment.

    2) I made menus that my account lists as existing, but they don’t show up on my website (menus are the buttons for going to different pages on the site, right?).

    3) The two menus (assuming that’s what I think it is) that my site originally had (“home” and “About Me”) have vanished.

    4) I don’t know if it’s supposed to or not, but I’ve created categories that my account counts as existing, but only the two with a blog post under their them are listed on the site.

    5) All of my blog entries posted are posting to the home page, which I had set to static.

    6) A picture for one of my blog posts did not load to the site (which may be a size issue?).

    7) When I published a blog post, the page was posted to my twitter account. Yet my site’s twitter widget says that it can’t connect to my twitter account.

    If I can get help with ANY of these issues then please, please help me. I like blogging, but working with the site has become a ridiculous affair. The site address is, if it needs to be seen. I don’t know what other people see from their computers, so it might just be that I’m seeing it without updates for some reason. I don’t know what’s wrong, nor how to fix it, and no amount of googling finds me an answer so far; please, please help. Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is



    1) You have your comments set to Moderation, so change that under Settings->Discussion.

    2) What did you put in the menus? What is supposed to display?

    3) When you enable a Custom Menu, it overrides pre-existing menus.

    4) Categories only show up when they’ve been used in at least one post.

    5) You have to create a static page before you can select it as your opening page under Settings->Reading

    6) Well, what is the size of the file?

    7) The Twitter widget is for displaying your tweets, not for publicizing. They’re two separate functions. The problem with your widget is you put the wrong link into it: you only need to put in Angie_Fayre

    8) it’s going to be faster for you to get answers by searching for each question one at a time here. You’d have found most of those answers have already been provided here to other bloggers.

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