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    I’ve searched for an answer for this for quite some time, so please forgive me if this has already been answered; I cannot find it.

    My blog (in English) will deal with specific words of a different language (biblical Greek), which I would like to display in a Greek font. There are several free Greek fonts out there that would suffice, but these fonts I suppose are not generally recognized by most systems. The best I can come up with is to use ‘insert special character’ for each Greek letter I need, but this is obviously time-consuming and inefficient. I’ve tried getting into the HTML with the <span style> stuff, but I can’t seem to get it to work for me at all. I switch back to the preview tab, see that the text is unchanged, the switch back to the HTML tab, and it has removed the font-family and color attributes of the tag. I’m a total noob at this, but I’d love some help if someone has dealt with this before. Thanks!



    Is this readable (random characters; I don’t actually know Greek)?


    That was just changing the input language (in the control panel/international or language settings) to Greek and randomly hitting keys. I think Greek is one of the languages that most modern operating systems/browsers/fonts will support without any extra effort.

    I do this occasionally with Japanese, either by switching languages or copy/paste, and it seems fine on any computer I’ve used; Japanese text does require extra support (on XP at least), but I’ve assumed anyone who’s interested will either have Japanese language support or be used to looking at gibberish.



    Sweet…yeah that’s great. I never thought of that. It doesn’t give me diacritical marks (accents, etc) but it’s a great start. Thanks a bunch zabez!



    There ought to be a way to get diacriticals, at worst by looking through the character map or palette of your operating system and inserting from there; OSX seems to show more than Windows XP, though.

    In XP, easily findable (character map is accessories/system tools; clicking “advanced” gives options to sort by language):


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