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    Hi all,
    I have a question regarding my blog. I’ve just started with wordpress and I have the following issue: I want to write both on English and in another language, and I want to give the reader the option to choose in what language he wants to view the posts.
    I’d like to have the typical flags at the top of the page, USA for English and another flag of other country to choose that language. Example:
    How can I do this, is it possible?
    Thanks in advance!


    About the only way to do that here at wordpress.COM is to create two blogs (you can use the same theme on both) and then you can put links to the other language either in the navigation bar (if the theme supports custom menus – the theme you are currently using does) or perhaps in a text or image widget at the top of the sidebar.

    Images aren’t easily possible in the navigation tabs though.



    @ktoubes: As I can see you did what the blogger you were referring to is doing: categories for each language :-)



    Thanks for your answers guys!

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