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    The new premium Lifestyle theme looks very intriguing, and I’m considering adopting it for one of my sites, but would like to know:

    1. Can one implement more than one sidebar option within the site? (for example, right sidebar for one page, left sidebar for another, both for a third, etc.)
    2. Is there a sample of a <table> implemented in the demo theme so we can see its default style? I couldn’t find one.




    You can choose from 6 different layout configurations for Lifestyle. You can have your content on the left with a sidebar on the right, flip that around, have two sidebars or even remove the sidebar altogether.

    However, usually once you pick the layout, that is the layout for the entire blog; you can’t choose to reposition the sidebar on different pages. However, Lifestyle does seem to have a full width Page template available.

    Also, the best way to see how this theme, or any other theme, will look on your blog is to preview it in your Dashboard under Appearance>Themes and then select Preview.



    It’s too bad … in my site, I have, basically, more than one type of content, some of which require one kind of sidebar and others which require another. I’m beginning to think that the best approach would be using two different blogsites.

    Despite this limitation, I adore WordPress … it’s my favorite addiction!



    Since we forum volunteers don’t have access to the Premium themes, I’d also suggest contacting Support with your questions.

    One thing you can do is buy the upgrade and if it doesn’t work out, you can request a refund before the end of the 30-day refund period. See here

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