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Multiple pen-names

  1. It would be nice if you could have several pen-names or nicknames associated to a single user. That way you could write different blogs with different names or identities but all accessed with the same wordpress-user.

  2. Thanks for the idea post. Are you aware that our login details are the one constant across all this domain? One account = one nickname. Even if you have multiple blogs you still get one nickname. My guess is that this is not likely to change. However, staff will read your idea and consider it.

  3. I would send this request into staff to make sure they get it on their requests list. if I were you. It is a good suggestion and I would not mind seeing this too.

  4. I too would like to see this. People with multiple blogs often take very different tones or viewpoints on each. In addition it could allow one to link each nick to each blog so that name links in comments for example would lead to the most related blog. It is inconvenient to log out, use another nick and add the website in comments to name link. And one then has to manually track comments with these other nicks. Or one has to put another link into the comment which then starts to look like spam.
    This would also allow more exposure to all of one's blogs rather than only one at a time.
    NellaLou formerly known as bazaarofdreams.

  5. I've just discovered changing your nick and website works in comments etc but not here apparently. Is profile a system wide thing or everywhere but forums? I changed "display name publicly yesterday" and it works on blogs, comments etc. but not here. Nothing in the FAQ. Seems this request has been brought up as long ago as 2006 in the forums. Making another user account (when you have 7 blogs) really means an awful lot of logging in and out. A dropdown similar to what is on the dashboard for the lists of blogs would be nice. A "Post As" kind of thing.

  6. I would also like to see this.

  7. You got my vote for this idea, :-)

  8. me too. I would love to have a different blog that isn't associated with Bug-Girl.

  9. Yeah, I'd also like to see this. I write my blog about my work anonymously but would quite like a separate one that dealt with completely different interests that didn't link back to my work. Currently, I'm looking at having to use different platforms for it but would love to use for both as it's by far my favourite!

  10. Um, that's not how I understand it to work. You can add more than one nickname; the nicknames go in a drop-down menu on the Profile page. The problem is, you've got to go back and swap around every time you want to use a different nickname, save changes.

    And changing your nickname will never change it here. This is not considered "social" space but technical space, and thus people need to be able to keep track of who said what. Can you imagine what the penguins would get up to otherwise?

  11. @curdledbrain, it's easy, just make a new user ID completely separate; that's a much better solution for you, as they are completely independent. Just use a new Gmail or something for the second account.

  12. raincoaster, I can't really see the usabiltiy in having to create a whole new user in order to have a new nickname and then have to juggle between two accounts or more. Having to log in and out several times is just redundant. I can't see how it couldn't be handled as tags or categories, where you can choose which nickname to be used, and if not selected a predetermined displayname is used.

    And furthermore, no you can't have different nicknames, the dropdown you're talking about is the display name, which can either be the nickname, the username, firstname only, firstname lastname or lastname firstname. Sure you can change your firstname and use it as second nickname, but why would you change your firstname?

  13. The response I gave to curdledbrain was because that user requires a much higher level of privacy and separation. Switching nicknames wouldn't work for that purpose.

    When I say "different nicknames" I do mean you'd have to change it there, on the page. Remove the old nickname, put in the new one. It's possible. And yes, it's a PIA. I believe multiple nicknames has been suggested before.

    Realize, however, that multiple nicknames is not privacy protection; your email will always remain the same for a given username, so if you leave a comment anyone would be able to connect the dots.

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