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    Hi There,

    I’m desperately trying to add multiple photo galleries to my ‘photos’ page on my site. For instance, I want a ‘Sri Lanka’ album, a ‘Laos’ album and a ‘Thailand’ album, but I can’t seem to be able to do this. I’ve done some searching through the wordpress forums and found people saying that it can be done through the html shortcode or something but I’m a complete novice and can’t get my head around it.

    Could someone please explain to a complete novice, in easy to understand (imagine you’re explaining to a three year old) how I do this.

    And would joining Flickr be a much simpler and more effective way of displaying multiple albums.

    I am a huge fan of WordPress and can’t thank them enough for putting up software that makes it possible for us all to have a website, but I’ve hit a real stumbling block with this.

    Many thanks.

    The blog I need help with is



    In case it hasn’t come up, my web address is:


    Yes it’s possible, but it’s unnecessarily complicated. Suggested alternative: create a separate page for each album, and turn all those album pages into child pages to the Photos page (page editor > Attributes module > Parent dropdown). Their tabs will show up as a dropdown when you hover over the Photos tab.



    Pana, that’s terrific mate, thanks for your help.

    Couple of small questions:

    If you look on my page now you can see in the sidebar that the albums will show which is a nightmare if I want to have a load of albums. Is there any way of changing this?

    Also do you think having multiple photo albums on one page is something wordpress are looking at doing?

    It still doesn’t look quite right, but it’s great to be getting a website up and running.

    Thanks again for your help.


    You’re welcome.

    a) I don’t see why you consider it a nightmare; on the contrary, it makes your content more readily visible than the dropdown. Anyway, the point is that the top nav menu and the Pages widget are redundant. You can remove the widget, or you can remove the top menu, or you can set them so that the one displays some items and the other displays other items. More on any of these options after you add more subpages, see how things look and work, and decide what you’d prefer.

    b) I didn’t say you can’t do multiple galleries on one page, I said it’s complicated: you have to go to Media>Library after you upload the images, hover over each image name, note its ID number at the end of the info displayed in the status/progress bar of your browser, then go to the page editor, switch to HTML, and write this for each group of images:

    [gallery include="a,b,c,d"]

    (a,b,c,d etc. being the ID numbers of the images you want to include.)

    But: if you add many groups, then that will be a nightmare to edit; the page will be long, which means much scrolling and problems with loading time for visitors with a slow connection; and it can only be multiple galleries, not multiple slideshows.

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