Multiple Pictures Thow Off Alignment for Next Post

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    I posted four pictures at “left” alignment yesterday, which throws them all into a “stair-step” alignment. I know multiple pic posting is not wordpress’s friend, however…on occassion, I splurge.

    My next post’s entry is now also still in the stair stepped configuration, bumped to the far right also. I tried adding another paragraph html code to the end of the first post. I also tried adding paragraph returns and making sure the text was set for left alignmnet and saved it. The next post is still a mess.

    Here is my blog:
    The pages affected are not seen if I post them individually, so you’ll have to scroll down to the August 21, 2006 entries. There are two.



    This is actually a fairly simple fix. :)

    First, go into your options in your profile and switch OFF Rich Text editing. This will allow you to do the next bit.

    After the end of each paragraph of text put the following:

    &nbsp; <br />

    Put that in as many times as you need to (saving after you’ve put each one in. This should move the next photo down until eventually all the photos will align to the left.

    Make sure you do it on the last paragraph too and that will sort out the previous post problem too.




    I’ll give that a shot. (I tried to acheive this in rich text by hitting the return key, but once I hit publish, the “returns” cancelled, and pictures reverted to stair steps.)

    Here goes….

    Okay, I looked through the “options” panel (all tabs twice) and can’t find where the rich text editor is located to turn it off. Sorry. Could you specify that location?

    (Woman needing travel directions here!):-?



    Yep. :)

    Go to your dashboard.

    Click “Users”
    Click “Your Profile”
    The very first option under “Personal Options” is “Use the visual rich editor when writing”.
    Simply untick the box and then hit “update profile”.

    Multiple “returns” are cancelled by default in wp. the nbsp is a non-breaking space which wordpress will leave in and the br is a forced return, again which wp will leave in place.

    Good luck! :)



    For future users to follow these instructions with success:

    Actually, to find it, you need to got to “Users| <edit> link on the same line as your blog name|”your profile”|personal options (link at the top of the screen)|…

    I inserted the code you suggested above after each picture by copy and paste at the end of the text.

    Hmmm. I still have the same problem with no changes. That didn’t go so well.

    Thinking, thinking… Do I need a beginning code to the break line if I’m using the close code? Perhaps here lies the problem. An END tag should be written with the slash before the br rather than after as listed above?

    I’ll try that…

    No, that did not correct it. In fact, I’m losing the br code upon publishing… as I did paragraph return. The “ampersand nbsp;” remains, but doesn’t correct the problem alone. [I keep losing the text when I try to type code in these posts for you to see, so no “&” for ampersand]

    Other thoughts?



    Try putting the br tag after the closing p tag. Putting it before it does no good.


    I am able to work some in the html editor rather than switching back and forth.

    Still nothing.

    I tried to paste the html in here, but the editor here is taking out all the code.

    When I type in the code change, it automatically deletes the nbsp part of the code from every entry except the last one.

    Sorry this is so painfully slow.


    I’ve tried everything here and still can’t get the pics to move or the next post to correct. If anyone has suggestions, I’m open. I went back to turning off the rich editor, tried all styles of closure discussed here.



    I’m running for the bus shortly. I’ll take a look at it in the morning. Someone kindly bump this for me please. :)


    I just figured out my problem. I needed multiple identical tags for EACH TIME I needed a carriage return to get back to normal margins. I had to add 7-8 of the code you suggested the pictures were so large.

    The adjacent posting problems are now resolved…all I was really concerned about.




    Glad you got it resolved. :)


    An easier fix than code for those who don’t like fooling with code (and I’m sometimes too lazy to do).

    I’ve found over time that just inserting lines with a small text, like a period, will hold the line in place and let you place your pics as desired. This also keeps posts from running together after a “pictoral post”, if you are having the problem I did!


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