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    I’d like to set up our blog so that each of my authors has her own post page. So when Author A posts it goes to Author A’s post page. I would then like the front page to contain all of my authors posts in reverse chronological order so if A posted but then B posted later on that day B’s post would be above A’s. It would be great if the front page only had small clips of each post like “read more”, but I’d be happy with the whole thing as well.
    Basically I’d like each of the author pages to feed the main page and the main page just take what it’s given in the reverse order that it’s received (most recent on top).
    Right now we’re using the Freshy theme, but could change this if need be.

    The blog I need help with is


    All posts will be on the main page and in reverse chronological order.

    For your different authors, set up a category with their names and then have them post into that category. Then, create a custom menu and in that menu put the categories of each author. When someone clicks on that authors category, they will get a listing of only the posts in that category.



    Wouldn’t using the Authors Widget also work? Their would be a list of Authors in the Sidebar. Then a separate category is not needed for each author, it is just sort of automatic with no custom menu required,



    OK, thanks, I think that’s going to work. However now I have a sort of redundant ‘Authors’ list on the right hand side and I can’t figure out how to get rid of it. Help?



    What do you mean on redundant authors list?


    We need a link to the blog if we are going to take a look.

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