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    Hey there.
    On my blog, there is a series of posts called ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide’ written by me and another author.
    Unfortunately, when editing the post, it can only be assigned to one author, could it be possible to have a post credited to multiple writers?



    Unfortunately, there is no de facto way to accomplish this in The easiest alternative to employ is to simply add a by-line to each of the posts, mentioning the second author.


    Yeah, thats all well and good, but wouldn’t it be great if in the info that accompanies the post (there is usually a linked credit to the author) there could be multiple writers? Also when you looked at a certain author’s post they’re shared post would appear.

    It’s a feature suggestion. Would it be hard to implement?
    I would love it if it could happen.



    Hey, we are all about suggestions, and file several of them on a daily basis. In fact, we have had such a feature recommended in the past. As always, I will place your input in our user suggestion library, with is reviewed on a regular basis.

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