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Multiple private blogs and unlimited users

  1. Before I go and make any unnecessary credit purchases I wanted to know if I need to buy an Unlimited Private Users upgrade (30 credits) for each private blog that I want to create under my account or if a one time purchase affects all private blogs that I am the admin of?

  2. Unlimited Private Users - Add as many users to your private blog as you like. This upgrade removes the 35 user limit on private blogs.

    All of the upgrades are for only one single blog and last for one year only.

  3. My understanding would be that each upgrade (unlimited users in this case) will only apply for 1 year for the blog that you purchase the upgrade for.


  4. Agreed. One year per blog. If it was tied to the user, you would be able to come into the forums and yell out "Hey add me to your blog as admin to get this for free." :)

  5. Ok thanks. I could not find any duration or stipulations for that particular upgrade (only the custom css upgrade has a 'more info' link) . I'll try and put a feedback suggestion after the weekend asking for 'more info' on the other upgrades.

  6. While I'm thinking about it, I noticed on your blog that you've got one of those buttons. Sulz figures out how to put the banner code into a text widget. If she see this, I hope she'll speak up and mention how she did it if you're interested.

    Good luck by the way. :)

  7. I went back to visit their banner hosting site and they now have the non-javascript version of that banner code in case anyone else sees this and wants to know as well. Thanks for the tip!

  8. Yeah, that's the one at the bottom of the page. Sulz said she put it into the text widget and it worked fine.

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