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    Based on a post here in the forums, I did a little testing and it now appears like wordpress.COM allows multiple spaces between words and sentences. Those wanting two spaces between sentences no longer have to jump through HTML hoops to get them. Just press the space bar multiple times and the spaces will be kept in the editor, and in the published post.

    You can now also have multiple blank lines between paragraphs as well. Just hit the enter/return however many times you want. Again, no more HTML tricks are required.


    Tried it with Firefox (Mac), didn’t work in either the visual or the html editor. With Safari it worked in the visual editor only.


    Hmmm, I had opened and edited my test post (that I started in Safari) in Firefox 3 and they held. I just opened it again added some more and the extra returns disappeared this time.

    Firefox did keep the multiple spaces between paragraphs though.

    Another reason to use Safari 3?

    I’m going to contact staff and see if they will fix it so that FF keeps the multiple returns like Safari does.


    Support request sent.



    I have a quick question if you can achieve the multiple spaces with
    safari 3, & at this point you can not with Firefox 3, does that also
    mean I can’t see the spaces when I’m viewing someones blog through Firefox 3,



    I’ve posted one on my test blog that you can take a look at. The multiple spaces and returns are viewable in Firefox 3 just fine.


    With Safari 3, the editor is using <p>&nbsp;</p> for the extra returns.



    Ah, I see thanks for the clarification


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