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    We are playing with the idea of occasionally having more than one sticky post on our blog and are wondering if there is a way to control the order those sticky posts (we have 4) in a certain way.

    Normally we like to avoid sticky posts all together, but we also have a quarterly newsletter that we send out and we want certain blog posts to reflect our newsletter for a couple days right after we send out our newsletter.

    Its seems the sticky posts that we currently have are listed randomly at the moment but I thought I would double check to see if I am missing something about how to go about controlling their order.

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    The blog I need help with is



    I’m afraid you can’t control the order at this time, sorry about that!



    I figured as much but I thought I would double check!

    Thanks for the quick response : )



    Something I just noticed though is that if you have more than one sticky post they seem to post in the order of the date they were originally posted. So I thought maybe the way to control the order of the posts would be to go and change the dates but they stayed in the same order even after I did that. So, there is some method as to how the sticky posts are ordered after all. Just thought I would share my observations.


    One thing you could try is to “unstick” all of them and save them, then change the dates so that they are in the order you want them, and then start making them sticky posts again starting with the one that you want at the top, then the next one down and so on. It seemed to me when I was playing with them some time back that the order they show on the main page is the order in which you make them sticky.

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