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    Hi I just added a delicious widget and i cant get to show multiple tags.
    I read in a post that if you separate tags with “and” you would be able to do so but that doesnt seem to work for me.

    But if i put just one tag it shows up.

    How to get around with multiple tags ?

    please help



    I suppose you want to show the delicious entries with those multiple tags. Separate the tags with spaces and you’ll be set.


    I did it but still it did not work. So if my tags are “books” , “HCI”, “Design” they do not work if I write

    books HCI Design

    but if i write one of them the entry in that tag appears for e.g.

    Please help



    I see. The widget will only pull entries that have all the tags specified. You should think of a tag for links you want to appear on the widget (such as “widget”) and use it to get those links.


    I am sorry but i really did not understand this. “You should think of a tag for links you want to appear on the widget (such as “widget”) and use it to get those links.”

    Do you mean to say that I should change the names of the tags i have kept in delicious ?



    No. Just add a tag, e.g “widget” to those links you want to have in your widget. Then you can specify this tag in the widget setup.


    Ok so you basically mean to say that I should create a separate tag in delicious called “widget” and include all the links (I want to appear on wordpress) in that tag. This way I would be specifying only a single tag in the delicious widget in wordpress and still ill be having all the links.
    I did this and it worked.

    But this shouldnt be the case. I should be able to specify multiple tags in the widget and it should display all the entries i have in those tags.



    Unfortunately not. When I tried it out, the widget displayed links with all the tags specified rather than any of the tags.


    Dunno, still multiple tags not working for me. Just been able to show only a single one



    If I set my widget to display links with the tags “www” and “book”. The widget then pulls links which have each both tags. Links which have only one of those will not be displayed.

    The widget queries like this: tag=www AND book, not like this:tag= www OR book

    Since each of your links has only one tag the widget cannot pull links with more than one tag.


    Oh ok so i should keep the same link in more than one tag and then display those tags
    for e.g.

    tag: book links: book1 book2
    tag: www links: book2

    so in this case if i specify my tags as “book www” then book2 and will be displayed because they belong to both the tags.



    You’re right. Happy Blogging!


    Thanks a lot for your patience :)

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